12 January, 2010

Gemstones Bracelets II

Yellow Jade (RM23)
Aventurine and rose quartz (RM28)

Yellow jade (RM32) - sold

Red agate (RM23)

Jasper (RM27) - 1 sold, 1 available

Mix stones I (RM15)

Mix stones II (RM15)

Mix stones III (RM15)

Gemstones Bracelets

Coral and clay marble cube (RM37)

Tiger eye (RM37)

Coral and Lampwork beads (RM39)

Turqouise, corals and butterfly charms (RM37)

Amethyst and oval onyx (RM43)

Amethsyt and red garnet (RM29)

Red agate and rose quartz (RM35)

Jasper and red agate (RM35)

White turqouise and lapis lazuli (RM35)

Gemstones Brooches II

Egg Jasper with crystal (RM12)

a wonderful stone to increase relaxation and a sense of completeness.

Amethyst and faux white pearl (RM12)
It soothes, and brings calm, to help you rest.

Moonstone and red agate (RM12)
Moonstone:Soothes stress, anxiety, women's hormones/menstrual imbalance, lymph. Enhances intuitive sensitivity via feelings and less overwhelmed by personal feelings. Greater flexibility and flow with life.

Red agate: Strength, courage, longevity, love, healing, protection, health, good fortune, eloquence, vitality, energy, self-confidence, balance emotions

Rose quartz and crystal (RM12)
Produces gentleness. It is known as the stone of "gentle love", bringing peacefulness and calm to relationships.

Aventurine with clay stone (RM12)

Aventurine: stone of Harmony, and associated with positive attitude, balance, easing anxiety, and leadership.

Turquoise (RM12)

Healing stone that promotes spontaneity in romance and stimulates the initiation of romantic love, it brings soothing energy and peace of mind also promotes strength, wisdom, protection, and positive thinking

Tiger Eye and crystal (RM12)
This stone brings clarity and enhances psychic ability, stimulates wealth and helps to maintain it. It brings protection, practicality, softens stubbornness and balances male/female energy.

Green faux pearl with crystal (RM9)
Desired colour can be requested

Various faux pearl brooches (RM4)
Desired colour can be requested

11 January, 2010

Gemstones Brooches

Ini adalah koleksi hand-made brooch yang di perbuat daripada safety pin and selected semi-gemstones by the 'artist'. Happy viewing!

Amethyst with b/fly (RM12)

Amethyst : soothes, and brings
calm, to help you rest and have a good night's sleep.

White Jade with b/fly charm (RM15)

Jade is the stone of Good Luck, and is also associated with potential, remembering dreams, and well being.

Tiger eye with b/fly (RM10)

Helps soften and release stubbornness,
bring clear insight and perceptions

ASSALAMUA'LAIKUM....salam perkenalan!!!

OLA !!! thank you for dropping by my blog. this blog will basically provide you with charming and natural women accessories plus a fashion galore for those who likes to wear fashionable hijabs for a affordable and reasonable price!

My accessories are made from gemstones. Batu permata yg semulajadi, bukan dari gred yang tertinggi. These stones still have their own personal chackras or aura yang memberikan faedah kepada si pemakai. These stones are not imitation, original ones! cuma ianya serpihan dari batu permata yg high gred, dibentuk kembali dan masih punya tarikan tersendiri.

My hijabs here are personally hand-pick by me. the style, colours and material are chosen carefully to ensure to give beauty kepada si pemakai. hijabs saya berasaskan inspirasi dari pelbagai nama terkenal dalam industri tudung/hijabs. semuanya pada harga yg mampu milik by everyone.....

happy viewing and most of all, happy shopping girls!!!!!!!!!!!!